A Weekend in New Paltz

Every once in awhile, we feel like we just have to get away. Away from the crowded subways, the miles and miles of towering buildings, and even the cramped quarters of our own adorable (read: tiny) homes. So last weekend, we took a short trip with our friends, Cyndi and Alen, to New Paltz, a little town 90 minutes north of NYC. We're so grateful to have found such a wonderful Airbnb too: an old schoolhouse, renovated into a super adorable little cottage. Just down the road is the host's farm, abundant with horses, ponies, donkeys, and doggies. Ummm, what more could you ask for?

Here is the little cottage we spent our mornings and evenings in -- just relaxing, with zero agenda. It was heavenly. Cyndi rediscovered her passion for crocheting, while I, of course, walked around the house creepily, taking photos of everything. But only because I was soo in love! Also, wine bottle + hand-written note upon our arrival? Our hosts, Tom and Julie, seriously know how to make guests happy <3

The next day, we visited the farm! The best part of the trip! All of the animals were wonderful (Cyndi and Alen loved the dogs), but I got especially attached to this sweet little pony. 

I was pretty sad to leave when the weekend was over, but I've already made Robert promise to come back with me in the springtime ;)