Hoang & Jan | Engagement | La Jolla, CA

So... Hoang is one of my best friends right here in San Diego. This is an especially poignant post to write because of all that we have been through together in the last five years (and yes, 95% of it was boy stuff). In fact, we used to treat each other to Nozomi (a japanese place near campus) every time something went wrong with a boy. Fortunately, we never had boy troubles at exactly the same time (otherwise, who would treat who??).

Now, Hoang has finally met the right boy. His name is Jan (or "Yawn" for those of you who don't speak german). They are great together. Case in point -- after they both finished their Ph.Ds, they agreed that it would be exciting to buy an RV... and then live in it. Pretty sure that's a match made in heaven right there. So, that's where we started our shoot -- their little piece of heaven : )

Anybody recognize the location of this next photo? Anyway, we made a stop on UCSD campus since this is where Jan and Hoang both went to grad school for 5 + n years.

I usually tell children to bring a toy to play with as a reward for taking photos. Apparently, this works for guys-who-don't-like-taking-photos too : ) Here is something fun Jan got for Christmas this year.

Hoang did her Ph.D. at the Salk Institute at UCSD, so this was our last stop. Feels like every photographer has shot here before, so I was glad to finally be here! : )

Hoang really likes sunsets. In fact, she would often come out here on her own and watch the sunset. Sometimes, she would text me a picture. Now, she will always have someone to watch it with (awwwwwwwwww).

Congrats again Hoang and Jan. I am so happy for you two! Can't wait to be a bridesmaid for your wedding. Please don't be a bridezilla : )