Funtimes at the Gerbracht House!

Robert and I stopped by Branden and Geno's house this weekend to drop off some books. Little did I know how many cute things were living in their home! Of course, there are their adorable twins, RJ and Clementine. But they also had the sweetest dog ever, and a turtle (plus two cats that I only caught a glimpse of :) Lucky I had just picked up my camera from the repair shot... couldn't resist taking a couple of shots! Here is RJ, who has so many interesting expressions! *Squish*

Look at those eyes! How could you ever say no to such a sweet face??

Apparently RJ enjoys the process of being changed :)

Here is RJ's twin sister, the beautiful Clementine (unfortunately, she had just finished crying =/)

Here's the pet turtle:

... and Clementine observing the turtle intently

Last but not least... sweetest dog ever. He'd come over randomly and plop himself next to me :)