10 Weeks of Living with Quinciple

Meet Quinciple, my new favorite thing about NYC. Quinciple has been such a game-changer for me that I couldn't resist sharing about it here. In fact, if you've spoken to me in the last 10 weeks, you've probably already heard my Quinciple spiel (in which case, just look at the pretty pictures :).  


Every week, Quinciple delivers us a box of goodies. This last week, we got everything in the picture above. I love that it's a cross between something like Blue Apron, and a good ol' CSA (community supported agriculture) -- not only do you get fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat from local farms, but you also get a bunch of other fun stuff -- quality pasta, cheese, bread, herbs, eggs, etc. All of this stuff can be made into 2-3 meals (for two), as outlined in the pretty recipe cards that come with each box. There are multiple recipes for different ingredients, so you have options as to what you'll make. Most of the time, there's also stuff leftover that you can snack or improvie with. It's like getting a care package delivered to you every week :)

I like lists, so I'll give you five reasons why I love Quinciple.

One. Quinciple has made me realize that I don't actually hate cooking. No, I realized that I mostly hated the whole process of finding/deciding on a recipe, then going to the grocery store (or several) to hunt down all necessary ingredients. By the time I get back home, I'm ready to order take-out. With Quinciple, all I have to do is choose a recipe and start cooking. Even after a long day of work, this turns out to be kinda fun. 

Two. I love getting to try different food and ingredients that I'd otherwise be way too intimidated to cook with, or just never think to buy on my own. Some favorite new things that I've been introduced to: chanterelles (mushrooms), freekah (grain), shiso (pepper), burrata (cheese), quince (fruit), and radicchio (small cabbage-y thing). Stuff in parenthesis are for people like me who don't speak foodie :P. 

Two and a half. The food itself is really good. Pastas, bread, and cheeses are always of supreme quality (and usually recognized brands from our local farmer's market). Stuff is always ripe -- even the difficult stuff, like avocados and pears. If a batch of strawberries is not up to par because of heavy rain on the farm that week, we get an endearing email from Quinciple explaining what happened (though that does not happen often).

Three. The recipes are actually really good. I've done enough of the cook book thing to know how important a quality recipe is. In my experience, Quinciple recipes are fast, easy, and most importantly delicious! Who knew you could make an amazing eggplant dip by mixing garlic with yogurt? Or that beautiful squash can be made by just brushing on some honey/ginger/butter and tossing it in the oven? I'm always sort of blown away by the things that I can make with Quinciple's help. 

Here are some photos of the recipe cards + food introductions. The food instructions are a nice touch as it tells you the best way to store the food (immensely helpful when you know nothing about food like me), and sometimes a bit of background on how it can be generally used in cooking. 


Four.  We make 2-3 less Seamless orders every week now. This means saving major $$, and eating healthier! I love that Quinciple is all about building relationships with farmers and producers and that they value ethical and responsible growing methods. Also, our box costs us only $38/week. Trust me, it is thoroughly worth the money.

Five. When you live in NYC, getting groceries is most likely a huge pain. Gone are the days of driving to Safeway or Vons and picking up everything you need in one place. If I need something specific like capers or cooking wine, I have to hit up at least two (small) bodegas before I find what I'm looking for. It's kind of like going on scavenger hunt... while being hangry the whole time. Not fun. Having the majority of recipe ingredients delivered to you in a box is just so darn convenient. 

Now for some photos of things that are actually edible! Below are the 4 dishes we made from the recipes in the October 21st box. Of course, products and quantity vary from week to week (for example, usually there is some sort of meat/fish product, but this week's box was completely vegetarian), but in general, we've been really happy about the amount of food we're able to make and the diverse selection of products. 

First up is something brunch-y: Scrambled Eggs with Wilted Radicchio and Avocado Toast.

Here is a simple but delicious Pasta with Butter Roasted Turnips and Thyme. I looove Quinciple pasta recipes. They're so light (none of this marinara sauce fuss) and yummy. The pasta is also from a favorite local brand of mine -- 
Sfoglini, based in Brooklyn. 

This has to be one of my all-time favorites: Kabocha Squash Risotto

Last but not least -- I made Apple Pie. From scratch. For the first time ever. Well, my husband made the dough (arguably the hardest part), but I did everything else and it turned out fantastic. Beginner's luck maybe? Flaky crust + juicy, warm, sweet apples.... couldn't have done it without you, Quinciple. (I was baking for friends, and in the last minute-rush of things, forgot to take pictures of the completed pie! Luckily there was one slice left for me to bring home to photograph. Yes, I'm a nerd, in case you hadn't figured that out by now.) 

That's it. Four home-cooked meals in one week. And we do this every week now! Pretty awesome, right? If you live in the Manhattan or Brooklyn area, Quinciple delivers to you too! Check out their website for pricing details. And no, I was not paid to write/photograph any of this. I just really love this little company and I think they are doing great things.

Wait, did you think I only photographed food from this week? If only. Below are some of the things we've made from the last 10 weeks of Quinciple. If you think that I'm crazy for taking so many photos of food, my husband would love to commiserate with you. Click on the images for a larger view, and hover over the enlarged images for recipe names. Enjoy!