Tien & Darren | Wedding Part Two | Richland, WA

Last week, I posted the first part of Tien and Darren's wedding. Here is part two. Did I ever mention how epic this wedding was? If you asked "what time does the reception start?" the answer you got was: "which reception?" Love multi-cultural weddings ; )

So happy to steal Tien and Darren away from the crowd for a bit to come up to this quiet and beautiful spot overlooking classic eastern washington landscape (i.e. tumbleweeds!).

Tien also had an epic veil. It was probably at least ten feet long! Beautiful!

Right after we took the shot above, the sprinklers came on. 0_o. Darren did a great job of helping her escape (below).

The reception details were really pretty -- a lot of which was done by Tien!

Darren surprised Tien (below) by reciting a poem. It was very touching.

They also had an awesome choreographed first dance.

Thanks so much to Peter Nguyen for assisting me with lighting on these photos.

Eventually the wedding ended : ( It was so much fun guys. Congratulations and thanks for letting me be a part of your celebration!