Denise & Steve | Indian Trail Club, New Jersey Wedding Photographer

It was such a treat to be a part of Denise and Steven's wedding day. Not only are they gorgeous and kind, but they also put in so much thought and effort into their venue decor, DIY details, and gifts; it all came together to make one very very pretty day (which is more than any photographer can hope for!). It's clear from all of the speeches and toasts that Denise and Steven are so well loved by close friends and family, while their own love story is filled with examples of sacrifice and selflessness toward one another and the people around them. Denise's parents' speech will also stick with me, as they talked about how they manage to still love each other after decades of marriage. Below are some photos that tell the story of Denise and Steven's wedding day. Many thanks to my amazing second photographer, Keri Calabrese, who made the day that much more enjoyable!