Vi & Rachel | Portrait | Seattle, WA

Vi and Rachel are two of my favorite roommates ever. We lived together in our very first off-campus apartment during our senior year of undergrad at University of Washington. I cannot tell you how many crazy adventures we had... from broken lightbulbs at Value Village, to late night bubble tea runs, to Project Runway discussion sessions... it was definitely a memorable year : ) These girls can make me laugh like no other!

So, lucky us, Vi had a friend who's family owned a farm! Talk about eating your heart out. I vowed that someday I would own a farm, just so I could take photos on it! The light was gorgeous. And the models were too : )

I had Rachel pose in a Gregory Crewdson inspired shot. Crewdson is one of my favorite photographers. I love his creepy environments and dead-pan facial expressions.

The last two photos were actually taken at the famous Japanese Gardens in Seattle. Rachel was well-acquainted with the area and took me on a tour. In return, I took some photos for her : )