Maxine | Portrait | Seattle, WA

Here is my gorgeous, lovely friend Maxine. Maxine is very special to me because she is the only girl I know who understands almost everything I hold close to heart... God, photography, ... and less poetically... computers! 0



I met Maxine as a freshman at University of Washington. We had both been accepted early into UW's computer science and engineering department... and we were both, quite frankly, pretty lost. We became project partners for the next two years and spent many long nights in the labs together. We coded up lots of different data structures and drew graphs and also made some pretty cool stuff -- our Minesweeper AI was probably the highlight of our "undergrad course career" ; )




Years later, we both independently picked up dSLRs at about the same time. We both love interacting with people and making pretty things, and photography basically satisfies both of those things : ). I'm so thankful for being able to get her input on all things photography related. You can check out her website at Maxine Toh Photography.


Maxine always inspires me with her child-like faith and resolve to always put God first in her life. Because of this, she's a great encourager and supporter... basically a friend that anyone is way lucky to have!



Maxine, you are beautiful, inside and out, and it was an honor to do a photo shoot with you!