Maan Di & Sven | Wedding | Saluda, North Carolina

I had the honor of photographing my sister-in-law, Maan Di's, wedding this spring! And lucky me, it was held in beautiful, lush, small town North Carolina :) As you will see, Maan Di and Sven didn't opt for a traditional wedding. Instead, they wanted their special day to reflect their experiences living abroad, and the many blessings they'd received from friendships across different cultures. I smiled when I got her email, months ago, telling everyone to come to the wedding dressed in the culture that has influenced them the most.

Maan Di's dress is a modern style salwar suit from India, purchased from Trinidad where she lived for over a year. In fact, each piece of garment (from the bangles to the silk skirt) has its own story. Sven, though Norwegian, also opted for traditional Indian clothing with a silk tallit (hebrew prayer shawl) on top. If you look closely at the shawl, you can see the beautiful Tree of Life image that Maan Di painted herself!

The ceremony was held outside of the historic Saluda Inn, built in the late 1800's. There were so many beautiful, old things.

A traditional Norwegian cake, baked by Sven's mother!

Loved this intimate and unique celebration and how they honored those things that were dear to them. Thanks so much for letting me photograph your special day, Maan Di and Sven!