Ophelia & Mok | Pre-Wedding Festivities | Houston, TX

My best friend just got married. It's pretty surreal and awesome at the same time. Ophie and I have been best friends since fifth grade... and let me tell you... it was an awesome, and weird friendship. I'll just say this -- we spent a lot of time laughing at toilet jokes, making up gymnastics routines, and wearing spandex. That's all you need to know. I was absolutely honored to photograph some of the festivities leading up to Ophie's wedding day. Ophie, how many ways can I tell you that you are absolutely gorgeous?! This girl has a heart of gold, as evidenced by the amount of love and joy that was poured out for them during their wedding weekend. Thanks, Ophie, for always showing us what community and friendship is all about.

Here is the fabulous Cyndi, who organized most of the games for the evening.

We made Ophie sit up front while we threw presents at her.

The theme was "green" -- either in color, or as in "going green."

Sisters! These two have such an amazing relationship.

Alright, guess who this one was from.... Yup, it's from Mok. He even made a little video to go with it.

This dog was "SO FLUFFY I WANT TO DIE". So pretty and cute. Unfortunately he was afraid of the sound of my camera shutter, so it took the whole evening to get a decent shot.

Ophie and Mok had a tea ceremony later on, a Cantonese tradition. They serve tea while receiving money in return. Not a bad deal ; )

Finally, wedding day!

Cyndi was the official dress holder for like 10 minutes.

At this point, I let the wedding photographer take over while I went and became a bridesmaid : ) Ophie, I love you and wish you the best in your love and marriage with Mok.