Tien & Darren | Wedding Part One | Richland, WA

I've been following the Darren-and-Tien saga since highschool. I met Darren in AP Physics class -- and thank goodness for that because a) it made class a lot less miserable, and b) I probably wouldn't have passed the AP exam otherwise. When Darren began dating Tien that year, we were all very happy for them, but little did we know just how resilient that relationship would turn out.

While most of us scattered around after the highschool, ended old relationships, and moved onto new ones, Darren and Tien stayed together -- together through four years of long-distance in undergrad, together as Darren moved away to work on his Ph.D. in New York, and still together when Darren did research abroad in Switzerland.

They made it work all these years, and now, almost a decade later, Darren and Tien are finally married! I cannot be happier for this super sweet couple and I am so excited to share photos from their beautiful Vietnamese-American wedding celebration.

Hello, natural beauty!

Now comes the waiting game, where the bride's family waits for the groom.

Now it's time to wait for the bride.

Let the tea ceremony begin.

They had a gorgeous little lunch in Darren's parents' backyard.

... and we're just getting started here. Stay tuned for part two -- a gorgeous vera wang dress, beautiful eastern washington scenery, and more food, good-looking people, and dancing to come.